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Frozen and Refrigerated Products

We have a full line of vegetarian and vegan products and we also offer gluten-free frozen and refrigerated items. We offer vegetarian entrées, pizzas, vegetarian burgers and non-dairy ice cream for those who are sensitive to lactose. We also have an array of Organic and non-dairy perishables. Organic cheeses, milk, and yogurt from local vendors.

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Cascadian frozen fruit

These plump, dark-crimson pearls are bursting with just-picked juiciness and a naturally sweet taste. Spooned over cheescake or right out of the bag--what a treat!



environmentally friendly products

Soy Delicious Ice Cream

Made with organic soy milk, still certified vegan, as always cholesterol free and continues to be the best tasting dairy free frozen dessert on the market



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Morning Star Veggie Medley

Veggie cakes with edamame, bok choy, water chesnuts, and sticky rice baked with ginger and teriyaki.



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Boca Burgers

With tasty meatless choices like these, you'll never run out of ways to spice up mealtime — while getting more nutrients you need. Look for your favorites, including those made with organic soy and other natural ingredients.


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